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U.C.A.N is our family and Golden Liquid Soaps by U.C.A.N is our product. The creative family consists of lifelong students of health and naturopathic medicine, education, design, and business of West African heritage who believe in sharing goodness with others. The ingredients for the soaps have been used in West Africa for centuries and come from the same sustainable resources that have always existed since the beginning of time. U.C.A.N has been using the liquid soaps for over 10 years, shared it with family and friends in 2008 and now share it with you in 2010. Simple, wholesome, and practical products from nature are what U.C.A.N is about. To see additional crafts, please visit akwa tees & beyond  -  and . Simply Wholesome Liquid Soaps All the soaps are handmade and are free from preservatives, artificial ingredients, and chemicals. Main ingredients include natural plant leaves from the west African palm tree, oils & shea nut butters¹. Palm oil is a fantastic yet mild cleanser. Golden Liquid Bath Soap benefits: * Can be used from head to toe * Contains Vitamins A and E found in shea butter help keep the skin supple and healthy and may prevent premature wrinkles and facial lines * Packaged in a stylish pump bottle which encourages additional hygiene practice often skipped with constant and multiple handling of bar soaps * For handwashing, one press of the pump is all that is needed * For a bath, a few squirts cleans very well * Economical and environmentally friendly * Made from sustainable west African palm tree ingredients and is chemical-free * 100% biodegradable * Scent free and no chemicals to irritate the skin. 
 For more information, please visit our Instagram page - -  We thank our dear  for your continued patronage. The benefit is shared amongst us all.

Real Style Begins with Cleanliness. Clean Heart, Mind, Body...and Clothes.©

¹Shea Nut Butter Mineral Information Source: Maranz, S, Z. Wiesman, J. Bisgaard and G. Bianchi. 2004. Germplasm resources of Vitellaria paradoxa based on variations in fat composition across the species distribution range. Agroforestry Systems 60:71-76.